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Layover Tours From and Return to Heathrow Airport

Also, Airport to Hotel Tours:

Do you have 5 or more hours between flights? Staying in the airport can be so boring, so how about using the time to see a bit of England? A private tour could be just the thing!

But first:

  • Please allow 1 hour from arrival time to complete formalities, and then you will need 2-3 hours to complete the departing flight’s formalities, so you need AT LEAST 5 hours or more between flights (3-4 hours for formalities + 2 extra hours minimum for the tour itself).
  • If you need to bring your suitcases, they can stay in the car. I can take 4 people and up to 6 suitcases.
  • If your suitcases are booked through and you don’t need to collect them, I can take up to 6 people and their *small* carry-ons.
  • My tours are timed in good faith and I allow extra journey time in case of traffic problems, but I cannot be held responsible for any delays which could mean you miss your flight.
  • Layover tours are private tours; prices given on this website are for guidance purposes, but when I give you a quote for your tour, you can be certain that price won’t change, even if, for example, petrol/gas prices continue to rise.
  • I will meet you in arrivals, holding a Windsor Day Tours sign with your name on it.
  • Tour prices include a ‘meet and greet’ at arrivals, car parking fees, looking after your luggage, and my services as driver-guide, return to Heathrow. Prices do not include admission costs or other incidentals.
  • Prices are per car, not individuals!

Click here to read about a Heathrow Layover excursion to Salisbury and Stonehenge.




This is a very popular option as Windsor is only 20 minutes from Heathrow by car.

I will meet you in arrivals and en-route to and from the airport, take you for a drive of the Windsor area, visiting Runnymede, the site of the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215, and through historic Datchet and Eton, telling you about the local area and its history. If you have an interest in visiting the Magna Carta Memorial, it will take about 20 minutes walking over the field and back.  If you would like to visit the Windsor Royal Parks Farm Shop for some royal souvenirs or refreshments, please let me know, and we can call in there. The tour and itinerary may vary, depending on how much time you have.

We then arrive in Windsor where I will drop you off at the Castle for you to have independent time to look around the castle, town or pop over to Eton. Meanwhile I will look after your suitcases and carry-ons, so that you don’t have to worry about them. At a pre-arranged time, I will return to collect you and take you the 20 minute journey back to Heathrow to catch your on-going flight.

Suitable for layover durations of 5 + hours (ie from plane arrival time to departure time)

Cost: £95 for

 2 - 5hours (ie from pick-up to return)






































Heathrow to Hotel via the scenic route!

In addition to layovers, I can also provide you with a fantastic tour before taking you to your London / Windsor / agreed hotel. It’s a perfect way to start your holiday without the stress of finding your way about with luggage. Your tours can be based on any that you see on this website, or  contact me to discuss what tour would be perfect for you!


Stonehenge 1/2 day

Another very popular option. However, please be aware that Stonehenge is about 70 miles from Heathrow, and takes 1 hour 20 minutes to get there ... and that is without any traffic delays. I think Stonehenge is marvellous, but it is a long way to travel for ‘just a bunch of stones’. I would recommend combining Stonehenge with a visit to Salisbury, Winchester or similar, but this of course means you need a longer layover.

Please do ask me about visiting Stonehenge - I will let you know if I think it is feasible based on the length of layover, plus the time of actual arrival / departure, as I know when rush-hour is, and that can add on an extra half hour or hour to journey times...

Suitable for layover durations of  7+ hours (ie from plane arrival time to departure time; actual tour duration 5-6 hours)

Typical Cost:

1-2 passengers = £175

3-6 passengers = £210


Stonehenge Full day

OK, even I can’t spend ALL day at Stonehenge, as much as I find it fascinating! Have a look at my tours page that include Stonehenge for suggestions. Combining it with Winchester or Salisbury is very popular, as is a visit to Avebury and/or Lacock. Or you may have your own ‘wish-list’ of places to visit. Just let me know!

 Suitable for layover durations of  9+ hours (ie from plane arrival time to departure time; actual tour duration 7 -10 hours)

Typical Cost:

1-2 passengers = £290

3-6 passengers = £330


Of course, many people like to visit our capital city, and rightly so. With 2000 years of history, it has the iconic landmarks that you may have dreamt of visiting all your life.

I offer a ‘London Highlights’ tour at weekends, and occasionally during the week, in which I show you the major sights, eg Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and more... With the shortest tours, I make a couple of stops for you to get out and take photos and stretch your legs, but the longer you have, the more opportunities you have. I will discuss your options with you before you book. Equally, if there is somewhere you would like to visit especially, please let me know so that I can include it in the tour.

HOWEVER... London is very congested, and the roads to and from London are notorious for traffic delays, so I am reluctant to do tours of London if your actual tour time is 3 hours or less. If your actual tour time is about 3-4 hours, do feel free to discuss this with me. A pick up at 8am for 3 hours on a Sunday is very different from one where the return journey leaves London at 5pm on a weekday, for example.

I would also say this is very much an overview of London. If you are looking for a more indepth tour, or a specific interest tour in London, I would recommend having a look at the private tours who offer this eg Harry Potter tours, Beatles tours etc.

Suitable for layover durations of  6+ hours (ie from plane arrival time to departure time; actual tour duration 2-5 hours)

Typical Cost: £190 - £250


Your Choice!

The above tours are popular Layover Tours, but if you have something different in mind, please do ask me for a no-obligation quote.

I can also offer suggestions of lesser-known, but equally wonderful places to visit that suit your interests. So whether it’s a love of the Romans / Tudors / Castles / Shopping / Pubs / Neolithic sites / Films etc, let me know, and see if I can arrange a tour that you will love.







HMS Victory, Portsmouth

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